Martes, 9 de mayo de 2017 | Leída 14 veces

The Alcala-Alcossebre Fire Prevention Local Plan receives final approval

No objections were made and the meeting approved the amendments proposed by the Environment Department

The Alcala-Alcossebre Fire Prevention Local Plan will shortly be approved, following its period of public exhibition with no objections and approval at the extraordinary meeting held on 19th April of the amendments proposed by the Environment Department.  They were minor adjustments to names which did not affect the main contents of the Plan, as the Town Planning councillor, José Colom, explained.  The main aim of the Plan is to have guarantees regarding the declaration of a fire in the town, setting out possible causes and risk factors and designing actions aimed at prevention and encouraging conduct to ensure the least risk and provide forest vigilance.


One of the most important actions proposed in the Plan is that to preserve safety in the various developments and areas where people live very close to wooded areas, as half of the Alcala-Alcossebre municipality is wooded.  In 2012, the council introduced on-going actions to clean and clear land next to inhabited areas, as “preserving residents’ safety, together with respecting the environment, are our principal aims”, the Town Planning councillor explained.


Other measures included in the Local Fire Prevention Plan are the drawing up of plans for self-protection, a new municipal bylaw and the introduction of custody agreements to cultivate abandoned wooded areas, cleaning and clearing actions and the creation of fire-breaks.

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