Brenda Cundell
Sábado, 13 de mayo de 2017 | Leída 36 veces

Alcala-Alcossebre continues treatments against mosquitoes

To continue making people aware of the importance of taking steps on private property, leaflets are being distributed and there will be meetings for land administrators to discuss this.


This year Alcala-Alcossebre Council is again following the same programme to apply treatments against plagues and fumigations against mosquitoes, which they carried out last year with such optimum results.  There have already been two fumigations in the Capicorb area and in wetlands and places where the insects could concentrate.  Preventative steps have also been taken to kill the larvae in low areas, gutters and wet lands in Alcala and Alcossebre.


The Services councillor, José Ángel Traver, said that “it continues to be essential that people in private properties do not encourage the proliferation of mosquitoes.  We are therefore continuing to distribute leaflets and give talks such as that planned for land administrators, aiming above all for everyone to take the necessary measures to cooperate by not leaving water to collect in pots, cleaning pools and troughs, etc.”

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