Brenda Cundell
Domingo, 10 de septiembre de 2017 | Leída 8 veces

The Red Cross and Alcala-Alcossebre Council demonstrate their new mobile intensive care unit (UVI) which will be used for emergencies in the municipality

It is equipped with the latest advances in electromedication apparatus and will replace an earlier vehicle

Alcala-Alcossebre residents were able to see and visit the new advanced mobile intensive care ambulance with which the Alcala-Alcossebre Red Cross, a body which under the terms of an agreement with the Council carries out the 24-hour ambulance and prevention service, will be carrying out their work from now on.  The vehicle replaces an earlier ambulance and is an important advance with regard to technology as it has electromedication apparatus.  The new UVI has a defibrillator monitor, the latest model of respirator, drip equipment – to administer medication – and equipment for people injured in accidents.  The vehicle will be used throughout the municipality.


The Alcala-Alcossebre Red Cross coordinator, Germán Hernández, pointed out that “compared with the previous vehicle, the modern defibrillator, respirator and monity must be mentioned, as this equipment means that we are able to attend any emergency with guarantees”.  The vicepresident of the Alcala-Alcossebre Red Cross, José Vicente Vinuesa, pointed out “how important it is to have this new equipment” and the Mayor, Francisco Juan, insisted that “we shall continue increasing our health services and, with this new ambulance, we are taking one more step”.

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