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Miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017 | Leída 10 veces

The Socialist Group complains about the Alcossebre nursery school being closed since the 31st August making combining work/family life difficult for parents

The Town’s Socialist Group proposes that the Council should manage the service as the most immediate solution

The town’s PSPV-PSOE spokesperson on the Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre Council, Joan Ronchera, complained that “because of the incompetence of the local mayor, Francisco Juan Mars, of the Partido Popular, the Alcossebre nursery school remains closed, with the resulting problem that this creates for fathers and mothers with small children, who have to really juggle things to combine the care of their children and their work commitments or take them to the nursery schools in neighbouring towns”.


Alcossebre families have been suffering this since the 31st August, when the nursery school closed with the promise that it would reopen in the middle of October.  “A promise which has not been kept as we are now in November and everything indicates that the re-opening is a long way off”.


At present there are no signs of a solution to the problem because it appears that businesses have not reacted positively to the license documentation, plus knowing that the conversion of the nursery school into an infants’ school sometime is something which is creating doubts among the possible businesses who might want to carry out this service.


The PSPV-PSOE councillor, Carlos Miralles, believes that the current premises are not very convenient for families.  Therefore, on behalf of the socialists, he proposes that if the current licensing process is not successful that “the Council should take charge of the service, as it has done with the play centre and the homework club”.  In this way, “the children’s parents would be much relieved”.


The leaders give their assurance that if the Education councillor promises to explore new options, “she will have the socialists on her side because we believe that the closure of the nursery school is a luxury which we cannot allow in Alcossebre because the parents have every right in the world to combine their work/family life and to go to work with the assurance that their children are being properly looked after”.

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