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Brenda Cundell
Lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

Suspect detained for having tried to kidnap a woman in Alcala de Xivert


Working with the Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre Local Police, the Guardia Civil detained a 43-year old man suspected of trying to kidnap a woman on the 16th January at a bus stop in Alcala de Xivert.


The detainee, about whom we have no further information, was taken to the Judge in Vinaros as the suspected author of criminal illegal detention of a person in the locality of Alcala de Xivert.  The crime had caused great social alarm in the town and neighbouring area.


The case was reported when a woman made a complaint at the Alcala de Xivert Guardia Civil Barracks, explaining that at about 20:00 hours on 16th January, when she was at the bus stop in Alcala de Xivert, a vehicle of which she could not see the registration number,  drew up to her, a man quickly got out, in a clearly nervous state, and in a very aggressive manner grabbed her arm and tried to force her into the car.  But was not able to do this, as the victim was able to get away from her aggressor’s force.


For this reason, an investigation started to clarify the facts, with numerous steps leading to identifying the suspected author as well as the vehicle used.


A number of search operations were set up, both in Alcala de Xivert and its surroundings, which led to the detention on 25th January of a 43-years old man, as the suspected author of the illegal detention crime.


The findings of the enquiries were taken to the Vinaros Instruction Judge.  The operation was carried out by officers of the Guardia Civil in collaboration with the Alcala de Xivert Local Police.


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