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Brenda Cundell
Lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

The Alcala Socialist Group demand that RENFE should install a ticket vending machine because it is their responsibility

For the socialist spokesperson, Joan Ronchera, it is “outrageous and suspicious” that the PP has put forward a motion for the council meeting in which they request that the Generalitat should pay the invoice for the ticket vending machine when the responsible body is RENFE. The socialists show their discontent at the Spanish Government’s lack of foresight in not including a budget “to purchase a simple machine”.

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The Alcala-Alcossebre Municipal Socialist Group’s spokesperson, Joan Ronchera, has detected a movement in the local Partido Popular which “makes us fear the worst”, which “makes us think that the PP has already started their usual games and manoeuvres which consist in announcing projects which then drag on forever or do not happen, while they look for excuses to try to put the blame on others”.


He is referring to the motion put forward by the PP to be debated at the next council meeting in which it is proposed that the Department of Housing, Public Works and Planning should pay for the installation of the ticket vending machine which is needed in the Alcala de Xivert-Alcossebre train station.


Regarding this, Ronchera stated that “if Renfe supposes that it has planned a local train service as far as Vinaros with 7 million euros, it is difficult to explain that it has not agreed to buy a ticket vending machine at a cost of 30,000 euros, when it is their sole responsibility”.


Therefore, “there is no reason for the Alcala PP to claim that it should be the Generalitat which buys the ticket vending machine.  Why don’t they ask those who are responsible?”  “Besides being unfair, as it is not the Generalitat’s responsibility, it is outrageous for the PP to constantly demand payment for anything from a government with empty coffers, for infrastructure financing, to which Rajoy’s Government is subject, when so much has been stolen over 20 years thanks to the sleight of hand of Costas, ‘bigotes’, Crespos and Correas”.


Joan Ronchera demands that the PP is “serious” and that their members “stop messing about introducing debates which have no sense whatsoever”.

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