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Brenda Cundell
Viernes, 2 de febrero de 2018

Vilafamés restores the former Guerra Civil airfield as a tourist attraction

The event on Saturday, 3rd February, will include an historical recreation of the German Legion Condor pilots and of the republican air force, as well as an exhibition flight of one of the aircraft used at the time.
During the day, there will also be an exhibition open in the sala Quatre Cantons and part of the documentary on the military space and the book ‘¡Objetivo Levante!’ will be shown.

[Img #63319]

On Saturday, 3rd February Vilafamés will officially open the former airfield used in the Spanish Civil War as a new local tourist facility, as the major part of the work to restore the different areas and infrastructures in the area is finished.  There are 11,000 sq. metres in which visitors will discover the airfield’s old telecommunications tower, the anti-aircraft refuge of the Estado Mayor del Campo, the staff kitchens and 200 metres of passable trenches, among others.  “This will increase and diversify the Vilafamés tourist facilities”, said Lluís Torlá, the Tourism councillor.


[Img #63321]The day will begin at 10:00 hours with the official opening to mark the start of a series of activities which will last all day and which will be held both on the airfield as well as in various other places in the town.  Among the most noteworthy is the historical recreation of pilots of the German Legión Condor and of the republican air force, in the form of a living museum, which will be accompanied by an exhibition flight of the Büker Bü-133 Jugmeister, an aircraft of the time of the civil war.  At the same time, throughout the morning, there will be guided visits to the air field and children’s workshops.


In addition to these activities there will be a complete programme of events taking place in Vilafamés.  There will be a marquee in [Img #63320]the plaza de la Font, with a military scene of the time, and in the sala Quatre Cantons there will be a complete exhibition of various military items of the epoch.  Also in the same place, and in the evening, there will be a documental presentation of the documentary made aboutn the airfield by Miguel Lobera and Gabriel Ahis, and also the book ‘¡Objetivo Levante!’, coordinated by Carlos Mallench, Blas Vicente and Josep Joan Miralles.


The Tourism councillor, Lluis Torlá, explained that “this former airfield is currently the only tourist resource with these characteristics in the Castellón region”, and it will open next Saturday thanks to the project promoted by the Council and financed by the Generalitat Valenciana and Memoria Histórica.


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