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Brenda Cundell
Lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

The Alcala-Alcossebre Local Police are giving talks in the schools about school harassment

The sessions are for the pupils and aim to make them aware of the importance of not allowing it and reporting any aggressive conduct

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Alcala-Alcossebre Council, through the Police Department, has started talks on “bullying” in the different education centres.  The first session was presented to pupils at the CEIP La Mola and will continue in the CEIP Lo Campanar and the IES Serra d’Irta.  Through these talks, they are telling pupils that they must be aware that ‘bullying’ is considered as being any deliberate and persistent physical and/or psychological mistreatment received by any child from another or others, or who behave cruelly to them, to subjugate and frighten them, wanting to get a result for the perpetrators or simply to satisfy the need they usually present to attack and destroy.


“With these talks we are trying to make pupils aware that they should not remain passive in the face of these events, that when they see behaviour which could be harmful for other friends, they should not turn away, but become “informers” by telling either a teacher, an adult or the Local Police of what they have seen” the Local Police officer pointed out, in charge of giving the talks.  The Chief of the Alcala-Alcossebre Local Police, Abel Serret, explains that “we must make our children aware that this behaviour is harmful, with later developments and that the solution is not to separate or marginalise the difference”.  The Police state that “working with young people is essential to eliminate this type of behaviour”.


The Police and Security councillor, Alejandra Roca, pointed out that “we are supporting the Local Police as a tool to improve wellbeing in the schools, with measures such as this training against school harassment and others such as continual meetings to reduce absenteeism, the creation of a tutor officer, road safety classes and following up related matters with young people”.

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