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Brenda Cundell
Viernes, 25 de mayo de 2018

Restoration work by the Diputación reveals the oldest medieval paintings in Castellón in the Xivert Castle

The Provincial Government thus enriches a visit to the fortress included in its tourist and cultural program Templar Territory.
Sales: "We are investing to protect this interesting historical heritage as a tourist and educational resource in the province."

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The work of recovery and patrimonial rehabilitation undertaken by the Diputación de Castellón has brought to light new graffiti from the medieval period in the Xivert Castle. The Provincial Government, after carrying out an investigation in collaboration with the Research Group in Photogrammetrics and Laser Scanning from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, is incorporating this new resource in the visit to this fortress, boosting its tourist effect as part of the Templar Territory tourist and cultural programme.


This was explained by the first vice president of the Diputación and Culture deputy, Vicent Sales . "Once its maintenance and documentation are assured by the Diputacion’s Archaeology Department, and techniques based on 3D scanning, multispectral photogrammetry and augmented reality have been applied to provide more accurate documentation than was known before, thus adding new scenes that showing that the theme represented, specifically, is a possible military camp".


The works being carried out jointly by the Archaeology Department and the UPV Research Group will be completed with an application for mobile phones so that visitors can appreciate the paintings more clearly.


“Undoubtedly the mural is another attraction for visitors to the Xivert Castle. The Diputación is investing here to protect this interesting historical heritage as a tourist and educational resource in the province and, with the recently announced Templar Territory project and the Mirador Templar Trail, is a sample of the Provincial Government's concern for the protection and dissemination of Castellón's rich heritage, "said Sales.


The most ancient medieval paintings in Castellón

There being no more complete stylistic study, this artistic manifestation is associated with a thirteenth century Gothic style, while the castle was in the hands of the military order of the Temple. Therefore we could be facing the oldest medieval paintings in Castellón.


The graffiti were done on plaster which originally covered the entire wall, using the fine incision technique, to which was  then add a red pigment.


You can appreciate the presence of a rider and horse and some architecture, other horses and triangular shapes which possibly also show that this is amilitary camp environment. The military camps theme in mural paintings can also be found in the castle in Alcañiz in Teruel, so it is not surprising that it is also present in the Xivert fort.


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